The purpose of the cemetery database is to allow you to comply with Illinois state law by entering burial information.

If you manage more than one cemetery, make sure the correct cemetery is selected in the black bar prior to
entering burial records.


Cemeteries will not be required to purchase registrations to enter burial records into the database for burial dates of July 1, 2012 and after.

Cemeteries will be invoiced $2.00 for all entries with burial dates between December 1, 2010 and June 30, 2012.

Cemeteries will be invoiced for these fees after the burial has been entered into the database.


To enter burial records, click on the "Burial Records" link in the upper left corner of the page. Fill out the form
with deceased and disposition information. When you are finished entering information, click "Save Burial Record"
to save the record to the database.

If you are entering more than one burial record, you can click the "Save and Add New Burial Record" button to save the burial,
which will keep you on the same screen so that you can enter additional burial records.

If you made a mistake and need to remove a burial record, use the "Search Burial Records" screen to find the record that
needs to be deleted, select the record, then click the "Delete" button.

Burials which are Transfers from Another Location

If the remains are being transferred from another cemetery, or from a different location in your cemetery,
be sure to check "This record is a relocation of remains" checkbox. This will allow you to enter additional
information regarding the previous location.


To move remains, select the burial record you wish to move and click the "Relocate Remains" button at the bottom
of the screen. Next, select the appropriate option:

  • Disinter/Reinter: to move the remains to a new location in the same cemetery
  • Remove from Cemetery: to move the remains to a different cemetery


When you need to modify an existing burial record, use the "Search Burial Records" screen, which is accessible through
the "Burial Records" link in the upper left corner of the page.
Enter search criteria to narrow down the number of results.


Click on the "Reports" link to bring up the Reports page. This page allows you to select and run various
reports, which can be exported to Excel format.


Click on the "User Admin" link to edit logins for your cemetery. You can create new logins
by entering the email address of the user, and selecting the appropriate security roles:

  • Add/Edit Records: grants the user the ability to enter and modify Deceased and Burial records
  • View Reports: grants the user the ability to access the Reports page and run reports
  • Add/Edit Users: grants the user the ability to add new users and change the permissions of any other user
  • Edit Cemetery Setup: grants the user the ability to edit cemetery information, including adding new cemeteries
    to the account and modifying cemetery location labels


Location List

To add another set of location labels, click the "Add Location and Labels" button. Note: this will add locations for the cemetery
currently selected in the black bar at the top of the screen

Cemetery List

To add more cemeteries to your account, click the "Add Cemetery" button.

Organization Information

You can use these fields to change the name of the business, or to add an email address to receive notification of system changes and
registration purchases. Click "Save" when the update is complete.


All burial registrations that are purchased are non-refundable. Please contact us with any general payment questions.


Still have questions? Call our toll free hotline at 855-694-5263 or email us at